Full Time Artist

Today begins my first day as a full-time painter.  I know, I know, what am I thinking trying to build an art career in this economy?  The thing is- it could take decades for the world to sort out its financial problems and I am here now living my life now.  I don’t really see how I can wait.  I know that people still have money and many of them are still buying art.  So here I go.  I will be doing classes and workshops, participating in fairs and festivals, and attending as many events as I can.  I  have a few awesome gallery group shows coming up.   This includes a miniatures show at the Nina Bliese Gallery in Minneapolis.  I will also be a part of a contemporary landscape painting show at the Artisan Gallery this spring.  Lots going on and I am very excited to be doing what I love!


Special thanks to my sweet husband, Ben Lloyd, for all his support!