This is a new piece (Chromascape 26) just finished in the studio today.  I have been experimenting with doing my acrylic landscapes on various surfaces.  This piece is on unprimed canvas, which I think worked out quite nicely.  I am also attempting to do a piece on raw wood panel, but that posed a few other problems and may or may not see completion.

I haven’t been updating quite as much, I have been busy focusing on the work.  Also, my wonderful husband is putting together a new website for me, which I hope to launch in the next few weeks.

I am currently finishing reading “To the Rescue of Art: Twenty-Six Essays” by Rudolf Arnheim.  The essays are broad in topic, everything from psychology, science, history, etc. and how these things influence art and the legacy of art.  Some of the essays are really interesting, other are pretty dry.  None the less, well worth digging into in my opinion.