Van Gogh Passage

This passage was taken from the book:  Theories of Modern Art, Ed. Herschel B. Chipp

Imagination (a letter to Brnard, Arles, April 1888 (B3,p.478)

“The imagination is certainly a faculty which we must develop, one which alone can lead us to the creation of a more exhalting and consoling nature that the single brief glance of reality- which in our sight is ever changing, passing like a flash of lightning-can let us perceive….”

I chose to feature this quote because it is the essence of what I believe art should be.  I think that nature as a subject matter in painting can be a jumping off point for the human mind.  It is here that we can dicover our own creativity, purpose, and greatness. Nature, like us, is an organic manifestation that grows and transforms in reaction to the fluidity of the universe.  As being products of nature, we have that very same power in creativity, to see and redesign as we see fit.