Even Smaller Works

I have been focusing on these even smaller oil paintings  (compared to my already small average size of 7″ x 9″).  They are on paper, I quarter it off to about 4″ x 5″ sections.  The size and limitations of working with a knife force a necessary subtlety at this size that I find very refreshing.  The focus of palette becomes more clear.  Also, by working on paper, I am free from the hesitations of working with a refined, prepared panel.  If I fail it is easy to part with.    All these reasons, and I needed a mental break from the paintings I was doing.  I couldn’t be happier with the most recent few, but a forced break or period of reflection seems necessary.  It is easy for me to get absorbed in my work and forget to step away from it.    Changing the pace and method for a while reminds me to focus on process and know that product will come naturally.