Getting Back to Work

This has been my first week really back in the studio after weeks off while I was getting married and going on my honeymoon.  It was a blast, but it feels good to be resuming my work.  I am starting slowly with some drawing.  This drawing was done over the course of two days and is oncardboard , with an acrylic foundation.  I used charcoal and pastel on top of the acrylic.  I like the texture and solid surface it creates, as well as the additional contrast.  Otherwise, it is much like my other drawings.

I am also kicking off being back by having an open studiotomorrow night for Milwaukee’s Gallery Night.  For details, see my calender.  I have a lot of work up, both new and old.   It has been a reflective process for me because I can see how much my newer work differs from my older work.  Yet, I think thematically they speak to eachother, so having everything hanging together is a little chaotic, but a good chaos.  Anyway, it will be fun and casual, I would just like to welcome visitors, friends, anyone who wants to check out the space.  I will have information about classes available as well.  I am looking forward to it!