The Line

A contemporary artists that I recently came across and really like is Elizabeth Silver.  I found her in a magazine, I believe Art News may have reviewed her, and I was struck by her work.  Her work is figurative and very gestural, using line and color to create form and interest in a very gestural way.  I was impressed by the first words in her artist statement, “For me, the line’s the thing: the heart and guts of my art. My drawing and painting always begin – and frequently end – with line.”  I have always personally savored the quality of line in my own work, but in my recent oils I feel like I have lost that quality for no reason other than not having the patience or the brushes to do it big.  I am reminded that I would like to focus on line again in my own work and embrace the things that excite me in art, instead of painting toward expectations that are artificial.

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