Busy Teaching!

My portable studio…

I realize I have been pretty out of touch the past few months.  I have had some shows and events but I haven’t been doing much painting.  My teaching schedule has been completely packed during August and early September.  Now with the completion of a 3 day workshop in Door County I am breathing  sigh of relief.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have some new classes starting soon at the Cedarburg Cultural Center and through Milwaukee Recreation.  However, my schedule will now get much more balanced again. I am looking forward to some new adventures this fall and of course some time to paint!  I have a show open now at the Wilson Center (reception October 4) and  also a new gallery- The Tamarack Gallery –  representing me in Stillwater, MN.

Being a full time artist/teacher is very much a balancing act.  The teaching is important, but I need to allow myself the time and mental energy for painting as well.  I constantly reevaluate the way I spend my time and how to organize my calendar.  I haven’t had a vacation in a while, so I am looking to fit one in the coming months as well.  Overall though I am truly grateful for being able to live this life.  Being an artist isn’t easy, but it’s totally worth it.


On Teaching

This photo was taken in Peninsula State Park last weekend.  I was up in Fish Creek for a class on acrylic painting at the Peninsula School of Art.  At Peninsula they format their classes as multiple day-long workshops.  This format is incredibly beneficial to the students because they are literally on an art retreat.  They have the time to become immersed in what they are doing.  It is a retreat for me as well.  I feel fortunate that I was able to spend the weekend talking painting with a group of passionate art students.  After class I took this walk in the park to reflect on the day and its lessons.  Also, I just had to grab some photos of the changing colors for my reference library!

This month I find myself teaching more than I think I ever have.  In the month of October I literally have at least one class every day with maybe a few exceptions.  Granted, this has lead to a slow down in my own studio work.  However, so much energy dedicated to talking about painting is giving me a chance to reflect and refocus.  When I do return to art production I know that it will be with a clear head.  I am spending this time reading, writing, sketching, and of course teaching.  My schedule will lighten by mid November and I look forward to winter months cooped up in my studio.  It is sort of a cliche’ to say, but I learn so much from my students and I cannot wait to implement the lessons I am learning to my own work.