Prepared to Paint

The are the panels I use to create the smaller Chromascape paintings.  I start out painting the panel with acrylic.   I originally used just red and orange to get the warm under painting.  Now I have begun using greens and blues as well.  I often select the compliment of the landscape palette as the under painting hue.   This intensifies the color I put on top of it.  For example, if my Chromascape is based on purples, the panel I start with will likely be yellow.

New Painting

I began this piece a few days ago. These are two “in progress” shots. This image is based on photograph, as well as a few drawings I have done. I also have a smaller painting of the same image, which will provide an idea for where this is going. Chromascape 45 was completed a few months ago. It will be interesting to see how a similar composition will translate to a larger scale (the piece I am doing now is 20″ x 30″). I am aware in distinct differences in paint handling at this size. Also, of course, I am using a larger painting knife. The size however gives me the freedom to have a wider range of mark making. I could make more use of this freedom perhaps.

Waiting for varnish to dry…

I do not love framing, and now I know I do not love varnishing either. I have spent the last few days waiting for varnish to dry and have started planning my next painting. This is a drawing I did in my studio today during the down time. It is not to the scale yet of the next canvas, but none the less it is the beginning of a thought process. I will probably draw this composition out one or two more times before beginning to paint. The canvas I am preparing for this painting is 20″ x 30″.

More Progress

Remember that painting I blogged about a week or so ago? If not, view it here.

The piece continues to evolve, and I continue to document the changes I am making. The palette has now shifted a bit. I think it is almost done now, I don’t expect to do any radical changes at this point. It is interesting to look back at where it has been. These two versions were done in the last three days, the bottom image is the most recent state of the work. I think things are falling into place.


This is the painting I have started based on the drawing I did last week. I am referencing the colors of a photograph. I am doing the painting in stages. These images are from two different studio days. I anticipate one more studio session will complete the piece. I have kept the paint thin as to avoid too much surface build up. The palette hasn’t quite come together yet, so I am looking forward to getting back into it.