Wasted Paint is Bad

I remember well a MIAD instructor I once had telling me and the rest of the painting class never to waste paint.  “Keep a stack of panels handy” she would say, because left over paint on the palette could always be something.  Well here is my something.  So, using generic interpretations of my landscape theme I have composed these mini studies on a gessoed piece of watercolor paper that I taped off.  I am doing them in between panel paintings.  Great things are happening actually.  It is always an invigorating feeling when you let go and play, and it is good.

New Painting

I began this piece a few days ago. These are two “in progress” shots. This image is based on photograph, as well as a few drawings I have done. I also have a smaller painting of the same image, which will provide an idea for where this is going. Chromascape 45 was completed a few months ago. It will be interesting to see how a similar composition will translate to a larger scale (the piece I am doing now is 20″ x 30″). I am aware in distinct differences in paint handling at this size. Also, of course, I am using a larger painting knife. The size however gives me the freedom to have a wider range of mark making. I could make more use of this freedom perhaps.