Adventures at the Domes Art Festival

I spent this last weekend at the Mitchell Park Domes painting for the plein air competition held in conjunction with an art festival.  I hammered out 2 paintings, one of which was sold at their auction.  Friday was interesting.  I set  up near the lagoon- a little ways behind the festival grounds.  The sky was clear and the reflections of the water were intriguing.  There was a group of guys on the other side of the lagoon that were drinking, partying, and hitting golf balls.  A little obnoxious but I guess they had a right to be there.  They came over to retrieve some golf balls that had landed rather close to me.  The asked why they weren’t in the painting.

Saturday I stayed a little closer to the festival and found a quiet location among the trees.  The lagoon was in the far background, but I focused on a tree that was particularly interesting because of how the light was hitting it.  This painting went much quicker then the one the day before.  I got out there just after a line of thunderstorms has passed.  The sky cleared as I was painting.


Image: This is “Lagoon” done on the first day (Friday).  14″ x 11″