Vancouver Art

I spent the last few days in Vancouver, B.C., where I manged to do a little gallery hopping. Vancouver has a very active art scene. I went to Gallery Row, in South Granville. This is a small, trendy area full of boutiques and galleries. Here I visited a number of noteworthy galleries, including the Petley Jones Gallery, Jacana Gallery, Kurbatoff Gallery, and the Elissa Cristall Gallery. A little off the main stretch was the the Diane Farris Gallery. Here I saw an exhibition called Waterways by artist Judith Currelly. Currelly’s muted paintings of animals and landscapes are slightly stylized and evoke a sense of history and native influence. (See image)

In downtown Vancouver I came across the Rendezvous Gallery. The gallery person I spoke to informed me that all the work in the gallery was North Western Coastal artists. The space was big, but still packed floor to ceiling with work, mostly bright and colorful landscape paintings. The gallery felt warm and vibrant and I think this may have been my favorite stop. Overall it was an exciting trip. Vancouver is a fascinating city full of diversity and culture.

Image: Judith Currelly, Inside Passage, Diane Farris Gallery, 2010