Hamish Fulton interview

“Bad at Sports” is a contemporary art blog/podcast that presents interviews with artists, curators, collectors, and other important art biz folks. One recent interview stood out for me. It was with artist Hamish Fulton. Fulton is unique in that his art is walking. The pure experience of his walks is the art, which he often documents for presentation. In listening to Fulton talk about his work, I was struck by his profound connection to environment. I found that I had more in common with him then I may have expected. He gave a new perspective on the role of landscape in art. In understanding landscape for the purpose of art it is important to experience it fully, not to just paint it, draw it, or photograph it. Fulton reminded me of this and the lesson is a valuable one.

The interview can be downloaded here: http://badatsports.com/2011/episode-282-hamish-fulton/

Bad At Sports, Episode 282, January 26, 2011